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nr 17 detail 1.jpeg

Original painting Nr 17

apr 2021 
acrylic on 360gr acid free paper 70x50cm 

the painting is signed by myself in front and on back and comes with certificate of authenticity

Purchase options: 
1) the painting wil be delivered in a solid flat package to be framed by yourself or your local framemaker.  (No passe-partout or frame included!)

2) I can include a passe partout and a frame for you ! Ready to hang ! (extra costs involved ! feel free to ask.)

Price:  € 290,-

- incl vat and 
- excl shippingcosts

You will receive your invoice by e-mail.

I prepare all shipments myself. Pack solidly and make sure shipping runs smoothly.

Safe shopping: 
Always 14 day money-back guarantee.

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